Protest signs hung at local facilities

Paul Morden for The Observer [with two photos]

A Sarnia environmental group hung banners at Enbridge and BP in Sarnia recently to draw attention to their safety record.

The banners went up Friday on fences at the Sarnia sites of the two companies, each dealing with high profile oil spills in North America.

Sarnia’s Hometown Activist Movement Emerging (S.H.A.M.E) is made up of about a dozen local activists, according to spokesperson Joe Hill.

Along with placing the banners that stated “S.H.A.M.E. on you,” the group is calling on the companies to reassure the public about their emergency response plans. The group also wants Ontario and the federal government to require independent inspections of chemical and petroleum pipelines in Canada.

“Maybe there needs to be a little bit tighter control on it, have a look at their safety record, their inspections, what their emergency procedures are,” Hill said.

While BP continues cleans up its massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Enbridge is cleaning up an estimated 19,500 barrels of oil that leaked from a pipeline at Marshall, Michigan.

“This is just like a plumber’s nightmare if you drive through the Valley,” Hill said about the region’s pipelines. “It could happen here, there’s no doubt about it.”

The banner at Enbridge’s Sarnia site was taken down, said spokesperson Gina Jordan.

“As with any group that has concerns around facilities or operations, we certainly respect their right to peacefully protest,” she said.


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