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September rally photos from Annette

A few of photos from  Annette’s photo album on Facebook

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September rally photos from Toban

A set of rally photos from Toban –

The Fluoride Debate

Zak Nicholls

One of my issues for this election is to have fluoride removed from the water system. According to LAWSS (Lambton Area Water Supply System), fluoride will only be removed from the water system if the majority of municipalities being served by it pass laws to have fluoride removed. Six Lambton municipalities are served by LAWSS. Four must indicate removal of fluoride for LAWSS to remove it. I have requested a cost table for the inclusion of fluoride in our water supply. According to LAWSS manager Susan MacFarlane, the municipalities do not receive any funding from the province of the feds for including fluoride in the water. The fluoride debate in Sarnia is not new. Last time this issue came forth, the vote to remove fluoride ended up in a tie. Those voting in favour of removal were Bruziewicz, Gillis, McEachran, and McDougall. Voting to keep fluoride were Bradley, Burrell, Boushy, and Foubister. Mike Kelch, who indicated he would have voted to have fluoride removed from our water, was absent.

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Enbridge protest

[On Facebook]

WHEN: September 30th, 4pm
WHERE: Pipeline @ St. Clair River/Terminal Indian @ Plank.

This event is in support of our open letter to Enbridge. Three signs are prepared, with literature, and letter for signatures.

Enbridge Pipelines Inc.
Regional Office
801 Upper Canada
Sarnia, Ontario

To Whom it May Concern:

We, the concerned citizens of both the United States and Canada, write to you with urgency and expectation that you will immediately take action on all of our demands.

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Complaint to MOE regarding Arbitrary Siren Testing by Imperial Oil.

Zak Nicholls

Ministry of the Environment
Sarnia District Office
1094 London Rd.
Sarnia ON N7S 1P1

Dear Mr. Morrison:

Further to our conversation of Thursday, September 23, 2010, I am forwarding this complaint of the activities of Imperial Oil from the morning of the above mentioned date.

When Imperial Oil tested their siren system, beginning at roughly 8:40 AM, it was unexpected for most of the community, causing a certain amount of alarm for people who were not informed prior to the testing event. A press release was made shortly before the testing, and those who happened to catch news of the event on Blackburn Radio were certainly of the minority. The rest of us, who chose to pay attention, were left to wonder if the event was real, and to scramble to take action, first in trying to confirm if the event was real, and second, deciding whether or not to take action.

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Emergency Preparedness Article Misleading

Zak Nicholls

Dear Sir:

I am writing in response to an article concerning a Stats-Can survey regarding Sarnia Emergency Management. The interpretation of the results by Sarnia’s emergency coordinator Cal Gardner is wishful thinking at best, and likely a misreading that could have disastrous effects for the citizens of Sarnia, especially those in the South End, should an emergency occur.

South End residents have been told for decades now to ‘shelter-in-place’ should an emergency occur. This seems like a catch-all solution for any event in Chemical Valley. We know chemical releases and fires occur regularly in CV. With all five senses we know intimately the burden of CV industry. We do not experience a real and transparent level of communication from CV and the City.

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