Enbridge protest

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WHEN: September 30th, 4pm
WHERE: Pipeline @ St. Clair River/Terminal Indian @ Plank.

This event is in support of our open letter to Enbridge. Three signs are prepared, with literature, and letter for signatures.

Enbridge Pipelines Inc.
Regional Office
801 Upper Canada
Sarnia, Ontario

To Whom it May Concern:

We, the concerned citizens of both the United States and Canada, write to you with urgency and expectation that you will immediately take action on all of our demands.

After a number of recent pipeline ruptures in Michigan and Ontario, it is quite clear that the Enbridge pipeline is in immediate need of a full safety audit. It is our expectation that Enbridge immediately present a plan of action in which the entire pipeline in our respective homelands be inspected, along with independent auditors, for safety, and with all segments of pipeline in need of repair or replacement remedied without delay.

Enbridge must also make public its safety and environmental procedures that would occur in the event of a product release or disaster, and ensure that all procedures can be implemented as needed in as timely a manner as possible. A review of these procedures must also occur with independent auditors, with the results being made public.

Signed, Name Address

We will be inviting the media to cover this event.


4 responses to “Enbridge protest

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  3. There’s BP again! How about a virtual BP Global Toxic Tour? We just linked to you guys on our blog for the next show here:

    Thanks for all you do.

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