The Fluoride Debate

Zak Nicholls

One of my issues for this election is to have fluoride removed from the water system. According to LAWSS (Lambton Area Water Supply System), fluoride will only be removed from the water system if the majority of municipalities being served by it pass laws to have fluoride removed. Six Lambton municipalities are served by LAWSS. Four must indicate removal of fluoride for LAWSS to remove it. I have requested a cost table for the inclusion of fluoride in our water supply. According to LAWSS manager Susan MacFarlane, the municipalities do not receive any funding from the province of the feds for including fluoride in the water. The fluoride debate in Sarnia is not new. Last time this issue came forth, the vote to remove fluoride ended up in a tie. Those voting in favour of removal were Bruziewicz, Gillis, McEachran, and McDougall. Voting to keep fluoride were Bradley, Burrell, Boushy, and Foubister. Mike Kelch, who indicated he would have voted to have fluoride removed from our water, was absent.

I am encouraged in my decision to voice the issue of removing fluoride from our water by so many of the people I have spoken with since this campaign began. I especially thank Andy, Kathy, Jim, and Brian for helping to inform me on this important issue.

Here is a question making the rounds:

Hello,My name is Mike and I have been a resident of Sarnia all of my life, (32 years). I have some questions for the city councilor candidates. I’ve been doing some research into a substance that is added to our municipal water supply, and found some startling information I wanted to share with you.

The substance I’m referring to is called “Hydrofluorosilicic Acid.” I have read the Material Safety Data Sheet (M.S.D.S.), provided by the Lambton Area Water Supply System (L.A.W.S.S.), for this substance and I would encourage you to do the same, I have attached a copy. What the M.S.D.S. states is that this is a very toxic poison for humans and animals, as well as the environment.

I have read studies that show that the naturally occurring, organic mineral, “Calcium Fluoride”, has been shown to decrease dental carries (cavities) if it is applied to the teeth topically.

Now, “Hydrofluorosilicic Acid” is NOT a naturally occurring, organic mineral. This is a non-organic substance that is scraped from the stacks of industrial fertilizer plants, and it is clearly a toxic poison, no one can dis-agree with that (it states this right on the M.S.D.S. and several countries around the world have a total ban on this substance). They, (L.A.W.S.S.), add this to our water supply and simply call it “Fluoride.”


I’m not totally sure how this got started in our area, but the idea is that ingesting a small amount of “Fluoride”, can help prevent dental carries. This is NOT LOGICAL and there are NO SCIENTIFIC STUDIES to support this idea! This is just as absurd as saying that if you ingest sunscreen, it will reduce the risk of sunburn on your skin. We all know that sunscreen is used topically not internally, and the studies show that calcium fluoride can only be effective if applied topically, directly on the teeth. (Just look on the label of any toothpaste containing fluoride and you will see a warning that if a pea sized amount of toothpaste is swallowed, to call poison control immediately…this is because ingesting fluoride is poisonous.)

I urge you to do more research into this subject as it affects everyone in our community, including you and your family. For more information, you could go to the Fluoride Action Network web site at : This site has an abundance of information for you to see and although there are literally thousands of different web sites on the subject, I have found this site to be the most informative. Please look at the facts for yourself and answer some questions for me, before the election, if at all possible.

My questions are: “If elected, will you do whatever is in your power to have this poison removed from our water supply, or, at least, push for an open public debate into this very serious subject?””If you can’t get this poison removed, or, if you don’t agree that it should be removed, will you try to make it so that any citizen who wishes can opt-out of this fluoridation program, or, at least, provide citizens who don’t want this substance in their body with some sort of medium to filter out the poisonous “Hydrofluorosilicic Acid?”

If you could respond to my questions I would really appreciate it. My family, friends, and I are very concerned about this situation and would like to know your opinion.

Thank you for you time, I hope to hear from you.

Have a great day!

Mike M.

And here are some answers:


Thanks for your E-Mail, and your interest in Council.

My support of the Fluoride question which has been debated several times at every level of Govt. is based on information from, Health Canada, Lambton Health Unit, Canadian Dental Assoc. a host of dentists known to me, and my own experience, in that as a child Fluoride was not in the water system, and I and my siblings did not enjoy healthy teeth wheras my children and grandchildren have excellent teeth.


Jim Foubister

This is the easiest vote I have. All of the local medical professionals say keep floride. We could not find EVEN ONE local accredited professional to give your side of the debate. If the local medical and dental professionals say we should take it out, I will vote to take to take it out. Until then I will continue to accept their input. Don’t convince me, CONVINCE THE COMMUNITY HEALTH UNIT.

Terry Burrell

Mike, To depend on one report or another, on one research or another is not in the best interest of people. Try and click on Health Canada’s budget cost and you will find that we Canadians pay staggering amount of millions of dollars to Health Canada to give us the best available advise . They have the best scientists researching issues that matters to us and which are based on facts . I will abide by their recommendation. Until then, Fluoride stays in our water for the benefit of the people.

Dave Boushy

Thank you for sharing. My record on this issue is quite clear. Earlier during the term of this Council I made a motion to stop adding fluoride to our water supply system. The vote ended up in a 4-4 tie with one Councillor absent. That means that it did not pass.

Yours truly,

Andy Bruziewicz


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