Protest ESSO’s blatant disregard for our Community. Demand More from ESSO.

WHERE – City Hall
WHEN – 1pm, Saturday

ESSO has once again failed in its duty to keep the citizens of this community informed about events on their grounds.

Yesterday, a ‘vapour release’ occurred, causing chemical burns to five employees. Nearby industry (Cabot, Lanxess, & Nova) were informed of an event and issued a ‘shelter-in-place for its employees. No information was offered so that CITIZENS could have the same safety opportunity. Vidal Street was NOT closed off to the public. People became ill at the Aamjiwnaang Industrial Park, which was directly in the fallout of the substantial plume.

There WAS off-site impact.

Demand more from ESSO.

We will bring two ESSO specific signs. Please feel free to bring your own message as well.

Call 226-932-2087 for more information.

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