May 19th Rally – “Don’t Frack with Our Water”

Please join us in our demonstration to protect our water.

WHERE – Holiday Inn Sarnia, 1498 Venetian Blvd., Point Edward

WHEN – Thursday, May 19th. The main rally will be at 2:30pm. See below for more details about the schedule.

Major global players of the Shale Gas Industry are converging at the Holiday Inn to determine the future of Shale Gas in our province. Well recognized names like BP, Imperial Oil, and NOVA will be working with all levels of Government to make Shale Gas extraction and production a reality for Ontario.

We are protesting these plans in order to protect our water.

Hydraulic Fracturing (aka FRACKING) is an extraction process that uses incredible amounts of water and numerous carcinogenic, endocrine disrupting, flammable, and otherwise poisonous chemicals to collect natural gas that lies in shale bodies below the ground. These chemicals are left behind in the process of drilling, and contaminate any water bodies they become a part of.

Tap water can be set on fire as a result of Fracking.

There are many other health and environmental concerns.

Hydraulic Fracturing ‘FRACKING’ in Ontario has not begun in large scale YET!

The main rally will be from 2:30pm to 3:30pm.

We also will have a gathering before at 7:30am to greet the industry and government representatives as they’re entering their closed-door meeting.

During the lunch break, we would like to make ourselves available for anyone from the conference who might like to speak with us.

An Alberta company, Mooncorp. has purchased tens of thousands of acres in south Lambton County to begin Fracking ASAP. We have to take action ASAP!

It is not too late to stop Fracking in Lambton County, Chatham-Kent, or elsewhere in Ontario.

We will be a presence throughout the entire conference, but will hope to be most numerous and vocal during the opening, lunch break, and closing. We want attendees, and the media, to know that we will fight Hydraulic Fracturing of Shale Gas around this region of Ontario.

Please share this widely. Please volunteer some time during the day. We will provide banners and signs. Let’s stop FRACKING before it can begin, and let’s show our support for people who are dealing with this problem in Michigan, in Ohio, in Pennsylvania, and in many other places.

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