Imperial Oil failed again to alert the public

A letter in The Observer

Here we go again. Another unexpected environmental release from Imperial Oil with no timely notification to all the key stakeholders including community emergency contacts and of course, the public.

Do I have the right to know immediately that an unexpected mile-long blue-gray plume of higher than normal sulphur dioxide concentrations has been released from Imperial Oil? You’re damn right I do!

We all appreciate the fact that Imperial Oil is a good source of employment to many in this area but this does not give them the right to show such little respect for the needs of this community when it comes to environmental matters such as this latest release to the air we all breathe.

In my experience, this kind of conduct only happens if it is condoned at the top of an organization. It’s time Peter Vandenborne, refinery manager, made a public commitment to show more respect for this community by putting into place the procedures that ensure there is timely public notification of ALL such environmental incidents.

Robert Swift, Point Edward


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