Saturday – Community Meeting regarding Imperial Oil

WHERE – Blackwater Coffee
WHEN – Saturday, May 28th, Noon

ESSO has had another significant release into our community. ESSO has failed to inform the community in a timely and truthful manner. We must take ESSO to task.

Join us to create a citizen’s statement against ESSO, and all other guilty parties who actively work to cover-up ESSO’s releases.

Enough is enough. Friday’s release affected Aamjiwnaang (again). If the wind was from the south, it would have been my family that was gassed by the ‘mystery odour’. (I’m guessing benzene).

Enough is Enough. Please join us.

Please invite and circulate this event.



2 responses to “Saturday – Community Meeting regarding Imperial Oil

  1. It’s unfortunate that in an age where a satillite can read a licence plate from a cars bumber in space 640km up. We still seem to be unable to detect the release of potentially deadly chemicals here on the ground. I actually know the later statement to be untrue, we just seem to not have the proper authority in place to enforce and monitor the offenders. Here we are yet again afraid to leave our homes or open our windows because one of the Chemical Refineries has had another leak. In so much as we are scared we are saying enough is enough. Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments have failed the People of Sarnia and not forced Imperial Oil in this case to be accountable. In recent months we have seen the same type of incidents with the same inefectual results from the Mayor (Mike Bradley) City Council, the Ministry of Environment and Health Canada. Not one of our elected politicians on any level will do anything to ensure the residents safety. Pat Daviidson though newly re-elected nor Bob BAILEY

  2. Contd…..We continue to hear the same old statements from the Mayor Mike Bradley and he comes out and makes it and then within weeks sweeps the issue aslide for the next soundbite. Imperial Oil claims “no offsite impact”‘ however on each occassion the mere fact the community is affected by sirens, smell or exposure that is an outright lie. Trauma, stress and possible long term physical and mental health issues are real and present. Our First Nations Community is greatly impacted every time and no one seems to care’ but them. Action speak louder than Political self serving by lines. It’s time we the people of Sarnia acted and stopped the continuation of this and other incidents like this recent one. We can demand answers from our local Politicians’ but cannot count on them. It’s time we take our health and safety back!

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