Demand More from the MoE

Lori Vokes and Jim Stenton, both of whom have been severely affected by the Clean Harbours Off Site Impact.

S.H.A.M.E. (Sarnia’s Hometown Activist Movement Emerging) will be participating in its first direct action against the MoE.

WHERE – Ministry of the Environment, 1094 London Road, Sarnia

WHEN – Monday, September 26th, 10am to 1pm

We feel this is necessary in light of a continued MoE failure to bring relief to residents living near Clean Harbours. For more than six weeks, residents living near Clean Harbours have been suffering from an odour that causes severe and overwhelming illness including instant headaches and vomiting. On the evening of Wednesday, September 21, residents were again forced from their homes. It was the seventh time this has occurred. This is wrong.

We are calling on the MoE to take immediate and drastic action to protect the health and livelihood of all residents living near Clean Harbours. We demand that the MoE take real action against Clean Harbours in bringing about an immediate and ongoing solution to the odour that is causing such illness. Clean Harbours must be heavily fined for their flagrant ignorance of directives, weak ones at that, from the MoE. An example must be made to CV industry that those citizens living nearby have the right to clean air, water, and earth.

The example of Clean Harbours is only one of many frustrations borne by citizens living next to CV industry who feel their concerns have been largely ignored by the MoE. We hope citizens from Sarnia, St. Clair Township, Aamjiwnaang, Michigan, and beyond, will gather together to make the MoE aware of our grievances.

This demonstration is NOT directed against local employees and officers of the Sarnia MoE, or employees of the Spills Action Line. We believe these people have the concern of our community at heart, and that the inaction of the MoE stems from higher offices in Toronto.

We can gather at Zak’s home at 135 Durand Street until 9:40 (ish) AM, or by High Park United Church at 1081 Brenchley Street just prior to 10 AM. This church actually shares a parking lot with the MoE.

I would suggest we will demonstrate rain or shine. Depending on participation, we can choose to remain as long as we feel necessary. We can also choose to demonstrate again at a later date for those who choose, or for those who cannot attend this event.

I hope to present our expectations directly to the MoE. If you have concerns you would like to deliver as well, please be sure to bring them.

Please pass this along to as many people as possible. Feel free to contact Zak at 226-932-2087.

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