Burning hazardous waste at “Clean Harbors”

This is the facility where “Clean Harbors” handles petro-chemical wastes from other industries around this area of Lambton county –

The company that likes to be known as “Clean Harbors” burns toxic wastes at this location. As they say on their web site, they incinerate “hazardous waste” that comes to them “in liquid form.”

This company also points out how “the Lambton Facility is the only licensed, integrated hazardous waste management facility within Ontario. In fact, due to the high capital investment and specialized operating requirements … , there are relatively few, comparable facilities in North America.” The other Chemical Valley industries around Sarnia-Lambton have plenty of hazardous waste to get rid of, so “Clean Harbors” also buries wastes underground.  And they take in waste from other industries as well.

In their words:
“The Facility serves heavy and light industry, commercial businesses, households and governments meeting the needs of waste generators from across the economic spectrum, including: electronics, aerospace, automotive, building materials, appliances, transportation, recreation and leisure, fuels, rubber, construction, lubricants, chemicals, plastics, mining, home and garden products, cosmetics, clothing, medicines, agricultural implements, food processing, steel, products-packaging and paints.”

Before they get into these and other points on their web site, they note how:
“Hazardous waste is a fact of modern life. From medicines to cosmetics, from packaged foods and beverages, to paint, fertilizer, rubber and plastics – all the products that nurture our lifestyle generate hazardous waste as part of their production and consumption”


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