Nova Chemicals

Dallas Sinopole

Nova chemical release at 12:21…….shit we have to live with!! WTH!!!


3 responses to “Nova Chemicals

  1. This release is from the INEOS Styrene unit. I believe INEOS is a part of NOVA. This plant used to be NOVA. There was recently a process requested by INEOS for an amendment to their Certificate of Approval here. It talked about increasing safety factors, while also increasing toluene and ethyl benzene releases, amongst other chemicals. I’ve heard that the request was written in a faulty manner, and that NOVA was actually hoping to move parts of the INEOS unit to the NOVA site on Lasalle, as INEOS was consistently failing to meeting MoE standards at INEOS Tashmoo, which hardly seems possible, as the MoE doesn’t have any standards on Benzene, or most other chemicals for that matter, as far as I can tell.

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