Sarnia’s Shale Gas Future – First Impact Statement from the Pennsylvania source.

Zak Nicholls

We are in the process of requesting first hand Impact Statements from residents of Pennsylvania who are being affected by ‘fracking’.  NOVA Chemicals will be re-tooling their St. Clair plant to receive shale gas (which will be completed by the end of October) and are letting the community know that a new ‘world class plant’ may be built in Sarnia-Lambton in the near future.  We believe Sarnia-Lambton residents have the right to know WHERE shale gas comes from, and how it affects nearby residents.

This was sent to us by Marcellus Shale Protest (

From: Delma J. Burns

184 Honor Roll Rd.

Lake Lynn, Pa. 15451 – Fayette County 

President Obama,

and others to whom this may concern.


Southwestern Pa. and northern WV have ben overrun by the marcellus shale gas wells and many more to come.

It has become obvious  that the gas companies are dumping thousands of gallons of caustic chemicals (fracking water) into our local rivers and streams.

The Monongahela, the Cheat and the Allegheny Rivers are impaired with bromides, benzenes and other caustic chemiclas.These chemicals were not apparent prior to the intrusion of the marcellus shale wells. Water plants cannot remove these from the water.

Farms have been destroyed (animals sick and dying and born blind and malformed) because well waters have been contaminated with chemicals from the marcellus shale chemicals.

These companies have no restrictions or regulations (Haliburton Loophole).

Cheny and Bush dropped regulations in 2005.

Gov. Corbett  has been no help with this situation.

The wells, compressor stations etc. are releasing airborn contaminants into the air.

I have acute sinutis, acute bronchitis, memory loss, confusion, headaches, neuropathy and abnormal fatigue.

Many families in the area suffer from these maladies. Physicians cannot pinpoint a medical cause.

Chemicals in our water sources and volatile  airborn chemicals are creating serious problems for the citizens of the area.

I firmly believe the Allegheny River Valley, the Monongahela River Valley, the Ohio River Valley and the Cheat River Basin and Valley  are in jeopardy.

There are approximately thirty Marcellus shale wells near our home.  Twelve within one quarter mile and a frack pond in back of our property.

I live near the Carr family who have suffered terribly from contaminated water and air contamination. We all have.

Senator Ferlo is attempting to get a one year moratorium on drilling in Pa. until tests and research can be done regarding the health of the residents of the state and the damage to the area.

The moratorium for time to research the consequences of the marcellus shale drilling is necessary.

Regulate now. Do something. Please.

Hmmm. Frack Water.

Can your water do this?

I could use some help in collecting more statements.  Also, once enough are collected, I will need some help in using them to inform our community about the cost of fracking.  Thank you.


One response to “Sarnia’s Shale Gas Future – First Impact Statement from the Pennsylvania source.

  1. I think that indefinite bans will be necessary. But if a moratorium (a temporary ban) is the best we get, it at least would give time to show people why a ban is important instead.

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