Living around Chemical Valley: Recent human rights issues

Toban Black on the Media Co-op

“Clean Harbors”

In this audio interview, Zak Nicholls (of S.H.A.M.E.) mainly speaks about:
– Responding to pollution around the “Clean Harbors” hazardous waste facility
– Collaborating with residents of Marine City, Michigan — where there is a Wilms tumor cluster
– The latest problems with ESSO / Imperial Oil

This interview is posted here.

A “Wipe Out Wilms” t-shirt

He also mentions:
– The World Health Organization (WHO)’s findings that Sarnia has the worst particulate pollution in Canada
– TODA’s water pollution
– The now inactive, and possibly dead, Lambton Community Health Study
– Free toxic tours around Chemical Valley

This interview follows up another one in which Zak gives updates about how shale gas will be or might be used around Sarnia-Lambton’s Chemical Valley.

Many of these topics had come up in conversation; we then decided to to record some of what Zak has to say about the situations around where he lives.

The ESSO plant — photographed from Michigan


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