Clean Harbors’ Stench

Shawn Tully in The Observer

Reading your paper on Saturday, I was not that surprised to see another article on the stench coming from the Clean Harbors site on Petrolia Line. Any day that there is a wind from the south, the stench, that is very noticeable driving down Petrolia Line, is disgusting. Living out by Oil Springs and working construction in the Chemical Valley, this is often the easiest route to take. Having changed work sites again this week, I happened to find myself once again using this route. Two of the four mornings I drove past the site, there was that terrible stench again and I had to remind myself to take a different route. Luckily I have that option, unlike the families and farmers that live and work within miles of that giant chemical sewer hole.

The part of that article that compelled me to write this though was the response from their Senior V.P. of Regulatory Affairs, Philip Retallick, claiming that Clean Harbors had “successfully stopped the stench weeks ago”, and that these latest complaints were from a “vocal minority” whose motivations associated with these complaints goes beyond any original odour issue. Nice P.R. work, both false and accusatory.

As long as Big business has senior V.P.’s like this that are more interested in pointing fingers than doing their job concerning ‘regulatory affairs’ we should not expect a lot of changes, unless Retallick can get the regulations changed, which may be his job anyways. Lets hope the MOE is diligent in enforcing its order and the area becomes a safe place to live and work. While I’m dreaming, lets hope the Lions and Leafs win championships this year too.


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