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The Sarnia and Port Huron area has a concentration of 62 heavy industrial facilities. Sarnia has 45, many of which are chemical and petroleum processing plants. Most plastic products (including chewing gum base -butyl rubber) pass through a Sarnia refinery at some point during processing. The plants release a variety of toxins including hydrocarbons such as benzene and synthetic hormones like bisphenol-A. Surrounded by the manufacturing and processing facilities is Aamjiwnaang First Nation. In fact, much of the land that the facilities are built on was originally part of the reserve. Aamjiwnaang, a community of about 850 people has experienced a well documented skewed birth ratio of 33% male births to 67% female births. The Aamjiwnaang Environment Committee completed a health study of 411 members and found a high rate of several ailments, including respiratory problems (40%), miscarriages (39%), high blood pressure (26%), severe and chronic headaches (26%)


Aamjiwnaang First Nation Health & Environment Committee

Exposing Canada’s Chemical Valley: An Investigation of Cumulative Air Pollution Emissions in the Sarnia, Ontario Area” report (Ecojustice, October 2007)
A 32 page report that includes information about the Aamjiwnaang Health Study


  • “The Disappearing Male”
    A BBC documentary about the worldwide toxic threat to males (available online)
  • “Beloved Community”
    A film by Pamela Calvert/Plain Speech
    “At the fenceline of Canada’s “Chemical Valley,” girls are being born at twice the rate of boys. How do you stay in the home you love when the price you pay may be your children’s future?”
  • “Toxic Trespass: How Safe Are Your Children”
    Co-production of If You Love Our Children Productions and the National Film Board of Canada , with the support of Women’s Healthy Environments Network (WHEN)

For more information about or additional information sources on the subject contact sesrcn at gmail dot com

We also encourage you to contact –

  • The Ministry of the Environment Spills Line – 519-336-4030, 1-800-268-6060
  • Sarnia Observor – 519-344-3641 x4

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  1. Faith Wallace

    Michigan has a history of environmental laws and people,once they get informed about it.Citizens in Michigan are constantly fighting and paying for better environment.It’s really frustrating when.The power from DTE is going to powering manufacturing outsourced to Canada by NAFTA,Oil production,and Chemical production.And yes I know American companies and citizens are also responsible.But people in this state are constantly fighting for better and paying more in taxes and energy rates so Michigan can start getting off Coal.All the while you are expanding pollution of water and air and yes land when garbage from Canada is being dumped here in Michigan.People in this State are virtually paying for you to poison us for the rest of America.There are already environment groups lobbing Great lake States and the Federal Government to keep Great Lakes Clean.We will keep fighting to stop pollution from Metro Detroit and Port Huron which is a costly and time consuming battle.It seems we get a victory here Corporations just cross the rivers.I am sure it is probably similar for Canadians.So these Corporations with help from both our politicians just continue to pollute the Air and Water and Land we share.

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