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Protest signs hung at local facilities

Paul Morden for The Observer [with two photos]

A Sarnia environmental group hung banners at Enbridge and BP in Sarnia recently to draw attention to their safety record.

The banners went up Friday on fences at the Sarnia sites of the two companies, each dealing with high profile oil spills in North America.

Sarnia’s Hometown Activist Movement Emerging (S.H.A.M.E) is made up of about a dozen local activists, according to spokesperson Joe Hill.

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August rally press release

S.H.A.M.E. (Sarnia’s Hometown Activist Movement Emerging) is a loose knit network of Sarnia residents who are growing increasingly frustrated by the lack of civic responsibility our corporate neighbors in Chemical Valley are showing. Given recent events we are asking Enbridge and British Petroleum to supply the public with their emergency response plans, and that a complete public review of emergency response procedures be undertaken with haste.

Furthermore, because so many people get their water from the St. Clair River, we as good citizens and caretakers of our waters and waterfronts are compelled to ask Enbridge and British Petroleum to make public the results of their latest pipeline inspection. We insist that a new process of independent public inspections be made to verify that pipeline safety be guaranteed.

Finally, we will be asking the Province of Ontario and the Federal Government to set up independent inspections of all chemical and petroleum pipeline in Canada.

August rally photos

A few photos from Lindsey’s Facebook album

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Rally photos from Annette

A couple of the rally photos that Annette has posted on Facebook (in this album)